Aurora Drift – 64% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Squares (5-Pieces) Hybrid – 5x5g

Aurora Drift 64% Dark Chocolate—deep and rich squares crafted from premium ingredients and infused with THC extracted from our best-selling strains.

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Aurora Drift’s 64% Dark Chocolate squares are made from premium and ethically-sourced ingredients, delivering a strong toasted cocoa flavour with a hint of coffee and chestnut. Every square is evenly-dosed with 2 mg of THC, extracted from Aurora’s best-selling strains using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction. The THC is then evenly distributed throughout (not injected) providing consistency in every bite. Effects take longer than dried flower to kick in but are longer-lasting. Remember to start slowly with a low dose. A simple and discreet method of consumption, each five-pack contains 10 mg of THC with 2 mg THC per square.


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Aurora Drift

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